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Private Lessons

Our coaches evaluate each athlete in the first lesson and immediately teach them how to use their strengths to make an impact on the game.


Each lesson will focus on improving the player's skills and techniques to build their confidence on the field. Each player receives an individualized plan tailored to their needs and position.

We offer private and small group lessons for both boys and girls ages 8-18 and can schedule based on coach availability. Athletes can purchase single lessons for $75 or a pack of 5 lessons for $325 (save $50).

We guarantee you will notice a difference in your game!


"After two lessons I was a new player. Coach Ed worked with me to correct my defensive footwork and to put my body in a better position to stop attackers. I saw the difference right away in practice."

"My daughter trained with TC coaches and she was always excited after each session. She learned so much in a short time and was always looking forward to training."

"Coach Ed went into details that I never even thought about before that made a huge difference. We worked on reading defenders, exploding off the line on 8 meters, and being aggressive on dodges. So much fun!"

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