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Our Mission

Team Coastal Lacrosse is a Charleston, SC based program that seeks to promote player development in the game of lacrosse by training athletes to compete at the highest level of competition. Our coaches focus on individual and team success by helping our players set and achieve short and long term goals. Each practice is designed to improve lacrosse fundamentals, build faster and stronger athletes, and engage each participant in dynamic, game-like drills. Our coaches have all played lacrosse and are passionate about the game. We strive to provide a positive and fulfilling experience for all our athletes. We believe that hard work, fundamentals, and enjoying the game, will ultimately lead to improvement of the individual/team and winning games.

Why Team Coastal Lacrosse?

Our Coaches:

  • Train athletes to compete at the highest levels and competition in the region

  • Run dynamic practices that focus on lacrosse fundamentals and team play

  • Help each athlete set short and long term goals that our coaches address and support throughout the year

  • Build up players' respect for the sport and themselves

  • Push players to hustle while encouraging mistakes

Testimonials from Parents and Players

"Team Coastal has been a terrific experience for my daughter.   She came in with years of experience, including other elite travel teams, and this has been a singular experience largely because of the coaching. The coaches are committed and care about the girls. 
                                                                                                                                                                         "Team coastal helped keep my daughter's skills sharp outside our school season. The coaching staff brought a level of expertise that helped her improve in all aspects of the game. We recommend Team Coastal to to all Lax players wanting a great off season experience."
                                                                                                                                                                          "The Team Coastal coaching was unique in our travel team experience.  The coaches prioritized teaching over winning, which actually led to wins!  All players got experience on the field and came away better prepared for their high school season.  The maturity and organizational skills exhibited by our coaches made the season easier on the parents.  We knew where to go and what to expect, and the trips were fun and low stress.  My daughter had a great time and improved. "

"I wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed being on your team!  She always felt encouraged as well as nurtured during the time that he spent with you and the other coaches.  Unlike her school team, and the associated pressures, she was able to play with your team for the love of the game. As a parent, I appreciated the way you encouraged the girls and bolstered them up by focusing on the positive while also helping them understand what they needed to improve upon."

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